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“The danger of Gian J. Quasar’s fascination with mysteries often assigned to ‘paranormal causes’ is that readers will assume his writing is tainted with secret advocacy and bias— like the majority of hacks who litter this field. Readers, rest easy. Quasar is a superb writer and researcher, and stands alone at the top of this unusual field. Through Quasar, the genre is elevated (finally!) to equal, even exceeds, the highest standards of investigative journalism . . .”

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   A ship rounds a peninsula and vanishes. An aircraft is coming in for a landing and disappears before the controller’s eyes. A pilot’s panicked Mayday warns of a “weird object” harassing his aircraft before he vanishes. These are just a few of the documented incidents that have happened in The Bermuda Triangle in recent times. . .

   After 25 years of silence, a quarter of a century of neglect, Into the Bermuda Triangle was the first book to finally set the record straight. McGraw-Hill, known as a staid, academic publisher rushed the book into print in 2003. This became Gian Quasar’s first installment in his quest to explain the world of the unexplained. He meticulously documented hundreds of cases, all with official reports, many times confirming very bizarre elements involved in the disappearances. New York Times bestseller Whitley Strieber declared it “the best book” ever written on the subject of the Bermuda Triangle.

   It remains the standing classic and a foretaste of Gian Quasar’s approach to the subject of mysteries. 

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They Flew Into Oblivion: The Disappearance of Flight 19




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Before it was even published, the manuscript inspired the largest modern search for the “Lost Squadron,” a Resolution in Congress, and a 2-hour special documentary by NBC News Productions hosted by Lester Holt. It is one of the author’s most praised book.

Having attained worldwide acclaim as the expert on the Bermuda Triangle, it proved a surprise when Gian Quasar did not hesitate to rip the disappearance of the famous Flight 19 from the clutches of the Triangle to reveal it as a complex military blunder.

Few authors ever succeed in rewriting a famous mystery and replacing it with something more intriguing than the legend. “Quasar’s THEY FLEW INTO OBLIVION is not only the best book by far on the iconic Flight Nineteen,” praised New York Times bestseller Randy Wayne White,  “it serves as the gold standard, in my opinion, for readers and future writers who seek to explore the complex facts (which make a mystery no less wonderful) rather than soothe their biases with fairy tales.”

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The Crimes and Seasons of Jack the Ripper

  The police were only minutes afterward upon the scenes of horrendously gruesome murders. They took down details immediately. We know even when blood stopped flowing and coagulated. Yet the perpetrator was never seen. It was the dead of night. Yet the perpetrator was never even heard fleeing a scene. Despite the pitch darkness, there was never a shoe print in blood or even half a heel print. The perpetrator himself was never officially identified. He was known only as Jack the Ripper.

Folklore has come to dominate the subject. Accounts of the crimes are largely fictitious, the result of economic rehash designed to introduce a new and unlikely suspect. The truth and context of the Ripper crimes has long been forgotten.

In Scarlet Autumn Gian Quasar does not overlook any clue, creating as a result the ultimate companion for all serious students of the Ripper crimes. He gives the reader the power to go back in time and transpose into the sordid and ominous world of Victorian Whitechapel. No book has so dispassionately removed the folklore of 125 years to reveal again the ghoulish and almost supernatural circumstances of each crime and to restore the original and accurate appearance of Jack the Ripper as a soft spoken, clerkly fellow in a dark deerstalker hat.  

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Bigfoot Q File

Uncovering the Truth of Sasquatch Amidst the Hype of Bigfoot




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From the weighty to the carnival? Yes and no. The pursuit of a “hairy hominid” in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada so far may have been carnival, but the object is one of the most fascinating goals there is. For decades the Indians spoke to Whites about two tribes of hairy, strange people in the mountains of the Saskahaua District of British Columbia. One tribe could speak something akin to the Douglas Dialect. From this, how did a bloated legend of a cone-headed Gigantopithecus Bigfoot evolve?

Recasting Bigfoot exposes the legend and reestablishes the truth behind it. It has quietly but steadily become the premier book for a new generation of “Sasquatch believers.”

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A Passage to Oblivion
The Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Cyclops



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A tropic cruise, a hated skipper, a valuable cargo in wartime, a nest of enemy sympathizers. . . . Like Flight 19, the disappearance of the USS Cyclops has become obscured by the mystique of The Bermuda Triangle. In truth, the last voyage of the Cyclops is one of the most dramatic stories of the sea, and its mysterious fate may be the same that befell the King’s Bounty. A Passage to Oblivion is the first book ever written on what even the US Navy calls “The greatest mystery in annals of the Navy.”

This real life saga has all the ingredients of a classic sea yarn, but it nevertheless remains a true story. But unlike Mutiny on the Bounty, there was no ending. No ship set into Cyclops’ Pitcairn to discover the fate of the great ship. History’s only epilogue is that the 520-foot cargo ship and all of her 309 crew vanished without trace in the Bermuda Triangle.

We must assume it is coincidence that the pro-German consul general of Brazil boarded the ship stealthily, that the pro-German Captain Worley made an unscheduled stop to take on more fuel, and that afterward the ship merely sank without trace.  . . . Until, that is, we read A Passage to Oblivion and have all the facts before us. 

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A wonderfully old style compendium of the sea’s greatest mysteries, from famous cases like the Mary Celeste to original investigation and documentation on the “Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals”— the schooner Carroll A Deering. There are also some not-so-famous but equally strange mysteries recounted, such as the disappearance of the T-2 tanker Marine Sulphur Queen. Did it really vanish in The Bermuda Triangle? A compendium of sea mysteries, yes, but with an investigative air to the narrative.

The cases include:

The disappearance of the s.s. Poet, 1980
Deserted ships of the North Atlantic— Commander Sigsbee’s study of 1,628 derelict vessels.
The strange case of the Mohican
Mary Celeste
Carroll A Deering.
Fishing vessels of New England.
The Pirates of Malacca.
 . . .and many more . . . 


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 In Gian J. Quasar’s suspenseful debut thriller, a young archeologist, Dr. John Monsieur, unexpectedly finds himself the object of several ruthless collectors who believe he knows the whereabouts of Alexander’s lost tomb.

He is plunged unwillingly into the dark and clandestine world of international antiquities smuggling to quickly uncover murder, a web of intrigue, and to find himself the target when he discovers too much. 


     SOMA is sluiced with sarcasm and intrigue. The notorious snitch Earwig is woefully enjoyable. Kermit Giebelhaus, a bloated collector who knows the calorie content of a germ, is delightfully malevolent. A wry Persian can only best be described as a deadly “Betty Boop with a turban.” After Earwig vanishes, Monsieur’s only “friend” is a pestering newswoman who has attached herself to him. Before it is all over five people are dead, nobody is what they appear to be, and in such a group of distrust the most surprising discovery is made in an ancient marble tomb.


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