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A compendium of the sea’s greatest mysteries

  Truth is stranger than fiction, it is said. If so then Distant Horizons presents some of the strangest sea mysteries of all time; for this compendium it is not the product of uncritically passing along tales of the sea, it is the result of decades of research. The stories in this compendium are true, often presented with meticulous detail.  Sometimes this explodes myth. Sometimes the facts reveal myth to be anemic by comparison.

Gian J. Quasar is the first of a new style of true-life mystery writers. He tackles the greatest cases that have enchanted the public for a century. But instead of simply chronicling these uncritically, he carefully investigates them with official documentation. The cases  in Distant Horizons are often the result of years of research. In the process he has also uncovered hitherto relatively obscure but enigmatic cases. He presents these for the first time here.

   Distant Horizons thus becomes an old fashioned chronicle of some of the greatest sea mysteries . . .but it is not a collection of tall tales of the sea. It is the result of painstaking research to uncover the facts.



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   Famous ghost ships like the Mary Celeste and the Carroll A. Deering have become literary formula and economic rehash.  But what are the actual facts?  Thousands of derelicts once peppered the North Atlantic, but these two mystery ships have stood the test of time.  What is really so unique about them? What is the truth to the legends of the James B. Chester and the Marlborough?

   Distant Horizons details the 19th century conundrum of derelict ships in the North Atlantic. The vast majority of them were found abandoned in the area we today call the Bermuda Triangle.  Some 1,628 derelicts were recorded and plotted over 7 years. Some were afloat for years, making full circumferences of the infamous Sargasso Sea. Every seaman sailing the North Atlantic was used to the glut of ghost ships in this area. Among many official reports used (such as US Hydrographic Office)  is the work of Commander S.D. Sigsbee in 1894. Sigsbee figured there was some 19 derelicts afloat per month.

   The Bermuda Triangle has earned its infamous reputation, but is it really to blame for some of its most famous victims? Did the Marine Sulphur Queen truly even vanish in the Triangle? What about the USS Cyclops? Could it be the American version of Mutiny on the Bounty

     Gian J. Quasar is the perfect person to answer the questions. He is considered  the world’s premier authority when it comes to nautical mysteries. His database on the Bermuda Triangle is so vast that even the US Coast Guard asked him for input when considering to revise their official opinion on the subject. Yet he is a hard-hitting investigator. He ripped the Triangle’s most famous case— Flight 19— from its clutches to reveal it as a unique military blunder.  His book inspired a Congressional Resolution.

   The Resolution in Congress was a surprising event. Famous mysteries have hitherto been locked in the world of fringe theorizing. But Quasar has taken a serious investigative approach to them. He is not afraid to expose mystery nor is he reticent to confirm it.

   One thing all those mysteries discussed in Distant Horizons have in common: they all met with that far and distant horizon that none were expecting to meet. They vanished utterly or met a tragic death. Millions have braved the tempestuous high road of the seas, and thousands have vanished never to be seen again. They have vacated their sound ships or they perished with vessels that never should have vanished.

Cases covered in detail:

The Mary Celeste
Carroll A. Deering
Kalia III
USS Cyclops
s.s. Marine Sulphur Queen
s.s. Poet
King Co-Bra
Amazing Grace
Heidi Marie
The Navigator
The Pirates of Malacca . . .and many, many more. . .

About the Author: Quasar was first educated in History, and he has read in the sciences, philosophy, and architecture. The author’s work has inspired over 30 major documentaries on History, Discovery, TLC, BBC, NBC, SCI-FI, Travel, National Geographic, and others. He is the author of numerous books that have looked behind the scenes of some of the most popular unexplained mysteries of our time, including Recasting Bigfoot, They Flew into Oblivion, A Passage to Oblivion, and Into the Bermuda Triangle.


“The danger of Gian J. Quasar’s fascination with mysteries often assigned to ‘paranormal causes’ is that readers will assume his writing is tainted with secret advocacy and bias— like the majority of hacks who litter this field. Readers, rest easy. Quasar is a superb writer and researcher, and stands alone at the top of this unusual field. Through Quasar, the genre is elevated (finally!) to equal, even exceeds, the highest standards of investigative journalism . . .”


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