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Why The Q  Files?

When Michael Crichton was asked why he didn’t write Westworld as a book, he responded that it couldn’t work as a book. It needed a movie.

The same can be said of The Quester Files. Some of the topics I investigate can be presented in a book, but they cannot develop in a book. Some would do well in film, but I do not have the ability to make a documentary movie at this time. Today, with the internet, we have a third choice– a combination of the above: a website.

Informational websites, however, seem to have become obsolete. They have long given way to artless blogs and daily thoughts. Nevertheless, for a site that aims at displaying real, tangible experience and data there is still room to pioneer. Text, artwork, and pictures, and even some video, can be combined for a powerful presentation experience.

This is the purpose of The Quester Files.

For my goal to present my investigation of many topics of mystery, it is essential that I have a platform where I can control the clarity, and do so in a timely and adjustable manner. I did not set out to become the “real life Kolchak,” but such I have become. I take investigating the X files type of stuff quite seriously. To this end I have a three pronged method. 

The purpose of investigating, of course, is to come to the truth. There used to be an hierarchal standard in publishing— extemporanea in newspapers (timely but not necessarily lasting information), magazines for a deeper look, and then something that really stood the test of time was worthy to be placed between hard boards and put in a book. It was surrounded by illustrations, bound perfectly, and displayed proudly. It was an achievement of verbal and illustrative communication. A work of influential art.

A book and documentary should still be the ultimate intellectual stone in which is chiseled lasting, provocative material.

Today, it is a bit different, especially for the kind of X Files topics that I investigate. For instance, the True Crime genre is choked by “Daddy did it books” that are exposed soon after publication. The accounts are merely an economic rehash used to introduce the author’s public catharsis to reconcile his father’s lurid and supposed guilt. Instead of resolving mystery, or at least documenting a crime spree accurately, there is a cropped account that serves an agenda to construct a mystery around an innocent individual and proclaim a false solution.

The Quester Files is one part of my three pronged assault at the Kochakian world using the old, hierarchal system in publishing. For the daily thoughts or initial ruminations on a case or topic I use my blog. As the topic develops more, The Quester Files becomes a refined teaching and presentation tool where the subject in whatever genre— Cold Case, Legends of the Lost, Cryptids— will earn its own section in the appropriate category. For those of my investigations that merit that little bit of eternity, I will write a book and the Q Files will advertise those books.

Some topics, in fact, are better served on Q Files if one wishes to solve them or present them accurately in order to inspire others. My investigation into EAR is a case in point. He is the Number 1 serial predator in history, but few know of his existence. In order to bring him to life to the largest audience possible, with the greatest clarity necessary to expose him, I needed the web. I became Dr. Loomis in my pursuit of this real life Michael Myers. I had to back-work this unstoppable, unnatural night predator’s stalking modus operandi and reveal it for the first time.  It took lots of video and pictures. The purpose of the Files on the Night Predator, as I declared above, was to solve the case or contribute significantly towards its solution. This cannot be done in a book. And if I solve it, step-by-step, as it unfolds before the audience’s eyes, there is no need for a book. Old news is old cabbage.

For ZODIAC, it is different. So much folklore has developed that I had to use the web to chip away at it and rebuild a true foundation. Who wants to devote half a true crime detective book to that? But the web is perfect for it. My book, HorrorScope, will recreate the crimes and times accurately, document the legend afterward, and then present my own investigation and, hopefully, unequivocal solution.

These examples bring home to you the different reasons how I use and will use The Quester Files.

If not for The Quester Files’ multipurpose reason to be, it too would be a dinosaur like old information sites that are long gone. I investigate and explore in real life. And I can now share this in very powerful ways in many subjects. Thus the Q Files is truly the file for someone who is in quest of real life adventure and truth, and the website that is the source of information for those equally on their own quest . . .

“The danger of Gian J. Quasar’s fascination with mysteries often assigned to ‘paranormal causes’ is that readers will assume his writing is tainted with secret advocacy and bias— like the majority of hacks who litter this field. Readers, rest easy. Quasar is a superb writer and researcher, and stands alone at the top of this unusual field. Through Quasar, the genre is elevated (finally!) to equal, even exceeds, the highest standards of investigative journalism . . .”


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