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Cold Case Files


   It is the Mount Everest of criminal cases— 50 victims of rape and mayhem, possibly 12 victims of murder. Only one book had been self-published on it when I first heard of it. It was Lt. Larry Crompton’s way of keeping alive a case he had worked on over 30 years before, a monumental case he saw slip away into a void. He cringed when he saw the official reports earmarked for destruction. He reached over and saved each one from the shredder, in doing so rendering an inestimable service to the pursuit of the perpetrator of this testament to pure evil. He was like the fictional Dr. Loomis harboring the last known facts of the evil incarnate Michael Myers. Though Sudden Terror was fictionalized with detectives only thinly based on their real life counterparts, Lt. Crompton used only authentic dialogue when it came to everything the villain had said to his victims. I took up the torch to find every crime scene, to document every fact, in substance to stalk the ultimate stalker. Later, the dossier was complimented by Lt. Richard Shelby who self-published his own book, Hunting a Psychopath. He had worked a number of the early cases. Corporate publishing did not want the account of true evil and unnerving terror such as that perpetrated by The Night Predator. Their works alone, unvarnished, preserve EAR/ONS . . . until this section of The Quester Files. Little did I know that I would be plunged into the search for the greatest serial villain in history. The result is here. These are the files on The Night Predator. This link takes you to uncovering the face of the villain.

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