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Take a Fantastic Journey with Bruce Gernon

     Bruce Gernon gave me some exclusive pictures for my book Into the Bermuda Triangle that he had taken over other flights in the Triangle much more recent than his fateful flight on December 4, 1970. In the book, they are black and white, but here let’s present some of them in color and take a fantastic journey with

Bruce today, by  his aircraft.

Bruce through the Triangle.

     Bruce is now the longest in situ observer of the Triangle, both of events within and of its everyday geographic mysteries. His interest was first sparked by his own encounter in the Triangle back on December 4, 1970. His account first appeared in print in Charles Berlitz’s 1977 book Without A Trace. Bruce has been an active flyer in the area for over 45 years. He continues to study what happened to him and to other pilots, in an attempt both to understand and to solve the mystery that has befallen so many.
     Many people are not familiar with how exotic the area is. There is no other place in the world full of so many natural mysteries. . . apart from its greatest mystery of unexplained disappearances.
     This has led many to wonder if there isn’t a connection. Could whatever geological force that created the Triangle’s unique and tortured geography also be responsible for some of its famous enigma of electromagnetic abberations?
     The Triangle has beautiful underwater plateaux that stop just short of the surface, so shallow that from the air the waters look a velvety turquoise. These bear witness to an horrendous and violent past. The skies above the Triangle are a tropic robin-egg blue. They contain huge blankets of haze, visible areas of humidity as delicate in appearance as spun silk. But are they deadly conductors of electricity?
     The geologic beauty is accessible. But mystery from both beneath the sea and in the sky come and go with equal suddenness as her many missing ships and planes. Patterns form beneath the sea and vanish; glowing forms and “objects” suddenly race below and above the surface, and even “typical” clouds seem to form into “geometric oddities.”
     One of Bruce’s pictures prove that these geometric mysteries exist even below the sea.

     Let’s begin the journey! I’ll let Bruce take up the narrative.

   Here are 2 pictures from 1976.



     “In the center of the photos you can see a tunnel that had previously formed and is close to perfectly cylindrical and about 5 miles long and only one mile in diameter. About one minute later this tunnel collapsed and I noticed a counter clockwise rotation in the slit that it left behind. These two photos give a comparable reproduction of what the tunnel vortex looked like just before we flew through it. I have noticed these tunnels only last about 3 minutes.
     “I have photographed many horizontal tunnels in clouds but these are by far the best I have ever captured. The sun was setting behind the clouds and they were over the Everglades. In the summer massive thunderstorms will build up over the heart of the glades. These storms were about 40,000 ft high. Photo #1 was taken about 60 sec before #2. You can notice on the left how a tunnel vortex is about to form by seeing how the anvil heads are about to contact. Only a few seconds later they contacted and a tunnel of approximately 5 miles in length and 3 miles in diameter was formed.
     “Coincidentally I was in the tunnel (100 miles east of Miami) for about 20 seconds and then the electronic fog for 3 minutes and then over Miami Beach. Therefore we traveled 100 miles and 30 minutes (the time it should have taken us) forward in space-time in just over 3 minutes.”

     Bimini, as any regular of this site knows, is aBiminiair key point in the Triangle. Not only are many UFOs sighted around its skies, but many USOs are also reported under its waters. It is also a major center of unexplained electromagnetic anomalies.
     The enigma of the Bermuda Triangle has taken some of the honky-tonk atmosphere out of Bimini and replaced it with the aura of being a gateway to mystery. Off the island there are unexplained manmade ruins. By their construction and layout, they suggest some of the earliest and most mysterious megalithic architecture known to mankind. It was also near Bimini where Bruce encountered his tunnel cloud in 1970.
     Many have proposed there is a connection: that the prehistoric culture that raised these mysterious buildings was interested in trying to harness the unique electromagnetic anomalies for power or for ancient religious purposes. Others, like Edgar Cayce’s followers, have seriously proposed that the electromagnetic anomalies are caused in part by sunken prehistoric power complexes.
   Whatever the case, the pictures below reveal any number of enigmas.                                                         Bruce continues:


“Photo #3 is a picture of a lightning strike that I took in 1978. It was a large storm late at night over the Bahamas near Bimini. It appears to be a rare photo of ball lightning. What makes it unusual is the fact there are five massive balls within the storm and they are in formation. This photo is a forewarning of the unusual electrical energy that can be found in some of the storms located in the Bermuda Triangle.”


     Extraordinary photos of the elusive and often commented-on “white waters” or “glowing waters” of the Bahamas. Their source remains mysterious, but they seem to vent up from the bottom all over the Great and Little Bahama Banks.  



“Photos #4 and #5 were taken in January of 2000 over the Little Bahamas Bank between Grand Bahamas and Abaco. Both photos are of the same white water and we were flying about 4000 ft. high. I could not notice any circulation in the water around the white water. It looks like a gentle current is moving the white water to the right side of where it is emitted from the sea floor. You can notice the circular shapes in these anomalies and they are similar in size to the spheres in the ball lightning.”
    The most extraordinary for last. I asked Bruce if he had any good pics of these phenomena, knowing how much he flies the area. After he went and dug through his photos, he found this one. Upon reexamining it, he noticed the extraordinary phenomenon contained within it.



   “This photo is not of the best quality as I was not prepared for it and I had to use a small but modern camera that is kept on board for occasions like this.
     My wife Lynn and I were returning to Florida from the Exuma islands on April 26, 1999 when we encountered several of the white waters over the Great  Bahamas Bank.  We were cruising at 6500 feet.  The small puffs of cumulus clouds  have a ceiling of approximately 2500 feet and tops of 3500 feet.
     There are two areas of white water oozing from the oceans floor.  There is one in the  center of the photo and another above and to the left.  They are about one mile apart and each one takes up an area of about 10 acres.  In the center of the  photo and in the center of the closest white water you will notice a dark area  that appears to be perfectly round.  This is apparently an area of clear water  in the center of this white water!
     “As far as I know there has been little research done on these phenomena.  I believe there may be a correlation between the white water and the electromagnetic storm that I encountered.  The storm  that I saw also appeared to come from the ocean floor.  The unusual dark circle  in the center, geometrically might relate to some of the shapes of the storm  that I flew through. The horizontal tunnel I flew through appeared to be in the perfect shape of a cylinder. The storm matured into the shape of a perfect toras. The lenticular cloud that was the birth of the storm was in the perfect  shape of a lens and the white water in this photo is in the exact same location of where that lenticular cloud appeared!”
     It seems undeniable that there actually appears to be something emanating from below the surface in this area of the sea and that it is emitting something that repels the phosphorescence in the “white waters.”
     Back in the 1970s Dr. J. Manson Valentine and Jim Richardson landed on such a patch of glowing waters and tested the water. It contained a high amount of sulfur and some lithium, elements used in thermonuclear energy according to one source.
     The greatest mystery may not be the white waters themselves, but that there is something else on or under the sea floor capable of repelling such sulfuric oozings from beneath the sea bottom, something that was highlighted very briefly only this time because the venting of these glowing gases occurred in the same location.
   The “Triangle” is itself an area of geometric mysteries!
     Just this short article and few pics help to convey the unusual geography of the Triangle. It is not surprising that the cause of missing planes and ships within this area remains hotly debated.
   Bruce has taken a number of pictures of a more photogenic mystery in the Triangle— the famous Bimini Road.



Bruce banks the plane in order to get a clear view of the inverted “J” of the Bimini Road.



   The inverted “J” and another row of parallel stones.


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